Thursday, March 4, 2010

you've got mail!

Today was a great day for mail . . . new sewing goodies!

First, 50 beautiful zippers from Zip It Zipper Supply:

I heard about this shop from Anna over at Noodlehead.  I used to buy my zippers one at a time from Walmart for about $2 apiece.  Then I discovered Zipit and I got this pack of 50 8" YKK zippers for $24 (including shipping.)  I'll do the math for you . . . that's 48 cents per zipper.  Awesome!

Jennifer, the owner, even included some cute little goodies from her other shop, KungFuCowgirl Kawaii Goods and Supplies.

So cute, and of course Lauren thought these were just for her.

Then, another package with my very first yard of Japanese fabric!

I got this great Kokka patchwork print from Hawthorne Threads, which is probably my favorite online fabric shop.  It's definitely the most user friendly and visually appealing online fabric shop I've visited.  They even feature customer creations that show each particular fabric in use.  I find that really helpful for estimating the scale of the printed fabric.  Oh yeah, and the owners are very friendly and provide excellent customer service.  And did I mention they do a weekly giveaway?  (Nobody's paying me to say this, I swear!)

Last, but certainly not least, is a tiny little package (envelope, actually!) that I received last week:

My very first quilt labels!  I ordered these from Sweetwater Street.  You may already be familiar with this company through their awesome fabric lines "Authentic" and "Make Life".

I'd really like to make a habit of labeling every quilt I make.  There are some great tutorials out there for making your own labels, which I might attempt in the near future.  Rachel has a super easy one here, and Julie has one here that uses Photoshop and Spoonflower.

Well, it's time for me to log off and head out to the the gym, because unfortunately sewing just doesn't firm and tone, you know what I mean?  :-)  (If sewing were exercise, I would be one fit lady!)

Happy sewing!


  1. So many lovely colours. Love the tags/labels.

  2. That is a steal on the zippers! What are you making with all of those? I love the quilt labels. I have yet to label a quilt but want to label the one I am working on.

  3. You truly did have some fun mail. The zippers are great! Fun colors and an awesome price. I really like your lables.

  4. I LOVE your labels, particularly the top 3. So cute, and official. You are very talented!!!!


  5. that is a great price for zippers!! and thanks for the label link! ;-)


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