Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I heart half square triangles :-)

I swear I've been sewing.
Really I have.
I just don't have a lot to show for it at the moment . . . just lots of half-finished projects!

You see, the problem is that the weather has been AWESOME, and we've been doing a lot of this . . .

. . . and a tad less sewing, and certainly much less time spent on the internet.

But I'm still here!

And that brings me to my new love of HSTs, or half square triangles.
It all started with Rachel's Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along, especially this super-easy half square triangle tutorial

Now that I've been doing the quilt along for three weeks, I can't seem to stop making HSTs!

Here are my blocks for the week . . .

And then I just couldn't stop making HSTs, so I made these . . .

. . . which I'm not completely crazy about . . . but I think if I make future blocks with some white mixed in, I'll like it much better.  The fabric is called "Eva" by BasicGrey.

And finally on my HST-craze, I made these . . .

I'm so proud of my little pinwheels!  And the zig-zag is kinda fun too.  These are for the Potholder Pass hosted by Amy at During Quiet Time.  I used leftover bits from a Hushabye jelly roll to make these (leftover from this quilt and this quilt.)  I really hope my secret partner likes these!!!

And now that I got that out of my system, I can move onto some half-finished projects I have sitting around.  Here's hoping I'll have some finishes to share for amylouwho's Sew & Tell Friday.  If you haven't already joined in the fun, you should really check it out.  It's great motivation to get those unfinished projects finished already, and meet some new people in blogland!

Hope you're having a good week . . . happy sewing!



  1. Love the zig zag potholder. I agree, white mix would look great.

  2. What size are your HST on the pinwheel potholder?? I love it and would love to make a set for ME ME ME! I have a ton of HST leftover from a siggy swap. I wonder if they would work... Hmmmmmm.

  3. I think your partner will be blown away! She will love them!

  4. I LOVE those pot holders!!!!! And I'm so jealous of you're quilting... I've really been wanting to learn for a while... my mother-in-law just had her mother teach her so that she could teach me. For my birthday she gave me her first quilting project, a table runner and hot pad for me. Plus she gave me a cutting mat, rotary cutter, and ruler. Now I just need to find the time to learn.... maybe after the baby, once things settle down a bit... right now I feel like I have lots of nesting, reading, preparing, & shopping to do. Not to mention soaking up the last moments of there just being 2 of us.


  5. love all the blocks... but LOVE LOVE the pot holders!! you really are on a 1/2 square triangle kick!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog Mary!! I think you have a ton of great stuff on here- you're doing a great job! So I have to ask, where did you find that cute paisley fabric in this post? :)


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