Thursday, March 4, 2010

cabin fever and a new pattern

It's been a bit cold and rainy here in Myrtle Beach, and the little one and I are getting cabin fever.

She wanted to play in the rain . . . 

But I thought it might be a better idea to play with water inside, where it was warmer.

The good thing about cabin fever is that it makes me want to sew!  I downloaded Keyka Lou's newest pattern yesterday (only $5!), and since it's quick and easy I was able to make it while Lauren took her nap today.

The apple fabric is from the Metro Market collection by Robert Kaufman.
And I didn't really mean to advertise Cheerios, but I didn't have any "Generic O's" handy.  :-)

I've never taken my own bags to the grocery store, but with a cute bag like this I might have to!

What are you sewing this week?



  1. What a great bag, it looks like it is the perfect size and shape for grocery shopping.Love the fabric combo too ! I really would like to finish my string quilt until the end of the week...

  2. Very cute bag but it doesn't look like it would carry many groceries. It would make a perfect library bag though for when I take my kids.

  3. Love it! I got the pattern too but haven't tried it out yet. Maybe today.

  4. Love the fabric you used for this. I sewed one up yesterday as well, but haven't had a chance to take any pictures yet. Hoping to finish more today. I made a stupid mistake cutting the handles yesterday that cost me time because I cut out enough for four bags putting the wrong side on the fold.

  5. Umm ok, I can't take it, where is the apple fabric from??


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