Saturday, July 17, 2010

Organize your rulers

I love all my Omnigrid rulers, but they can be kind of awkward to store.

I came up with this solution and it has worked SO well for me!

I got this simple plastic mail sorter at Target for $5.99.

It holds everything perfectly, from the smallest ruler (4"x8") to the biggest (12.5"x12.5").

Do you have any great organization tips for the sewing room?  Please share!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Wow. I need more rulers! Great idea.

    I love using the Rajtan spice jars from Ikea to sort and store all of my buttons. $3 for a 4 pack, they look cute, and I no longer have to dig through a huge box full of buttons to find what I need.

    I also use empty baby wipe containers to store sewing stuff - stackable and you can label them with a sharpie.

  2. Oh, Mary, you smart cookie!! I'll have to grab one of mine out of storage to use for my rulers!

    My favorite tip is to use an empty kleenex box to catch my snipped threads, etc. by my sewing machine. I can throw it away when it's full, or empty it if I don't have another to replace it yet!

    1. Brilliant! I'm always annoyed by those pesky threads. Thank you!

  3. And to think I nearly paid $40 for a ruler organizer at the Home Machine Quilting Show. I'm so glad I didn't! I think I actually have a few of these that I'm not using packed away in my office. I'd better dig them out!

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  5. Hi, I love it! Clever... i have one of those clever cabinets where the sewing machine folds away and all your bits and pieces! Could not live without it! xx

  6. Very good idea! Since I recently down sized my sewing space, I need all the organizational pointers I can get.

  7. I do this too. I love it.
    I always know where my rulers are. It was great because I got the thing in a stationary set years ago and never used it for papers and such. Great for the rulers though!

  8. I recently put all my buttons in a glass jar - looks good and keeps them all in one place.

    I also made a sewing machine mat with pockets along the front so I can keep threads I use all the time, scissors, needle book, and spare machine needles right there in front of me. You can see it on my blog: if you're curious.


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