Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pleated Handbag

Three cheers for another bag!  I had this one all cut out when I made my first one a couple months ago, and I'm just now getting around to finishing it.  It sure is nice to pick up a project when everything's already cut out!

I love this bag pattern by I Think Sew.  There are so many fabric combinations I want to try!  I like this one because it can be used for daytime or evening.

You can find this one in the shop.  Up next: clutches?  zip pouches?  perhaps some Stay-Put Kitchen Towels?  So much to sew, so little time!

Lauren starts preschool tomorrow (three mornings a week) and I have high hopes for a very productive fall, sewing-wise.  When do you get your sewing done?  I sometimes sew while Lauren is awake, but that can be challenging to say the least!  Most of my sewing is done during naptime and after she goes to bed.  I sure don't watch much TV anymore!

Happy sewing!


  1. Love the bag! I made me one after I saw the one that you made:)
    I hope you have a good day tomorrow! I hope Lauren does too!

  2. Mary, that bag is GORGEOUS! I love those fabric combinations. I have several patterns from "I Think Sew", but not that one. You are giving me so much inspiration, lately! :o)

    Well, since I don't have any children (except my fur babies) and I no longer work outside of the home, I usually sew any time I want. The only real distractions I have is letting the dog out, then letting the dog in; letting the dog out, letting the dog in... all day long! Sheesh!



  3. That is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love her patterns too.

  4. Funny. I never watch tv anymore either. It's in the basement and I sew upstairs. I have decided sewing while baby is sleeping and son is awake stresses me out. Unless he is really into his art project, but then we both make huge messes. My husband is gone once a week in the evenings, I almost always sew then. Sometimes Sunday evening. Every once in a while until 1 am. I always regret that the next day...Great bag.

  5. Fabulous bag! Still on my to do list ;)

    Pretty much all my sewing is done at night. Usually from 8 pm - til whenever. Lately, it seems the days the kiddo is at school are the days I take photos, list, take care of paperwork, etc.

    I watch almost all of my tv while I sew. I'm sure I'd be much more productive if I didn't but it would be too quiet otherwise. I watch shows/movies on my computer -Hulu.com and Netflix!!!

  6. That's a gorgeous bag, Mary! I can completely relate to you - Lilli, my granddaughter, is 2 yrs, 8 months; she started preschool two days a week, and that means I can sew without being asked to play play-do, or go on a picnic - all of which are fun but which make it hard to sew! Although lately she's told me to "go sew!" which makes me wonder what she want to do that she doesn't want me around for.......

  7. Very well done. I have that pattern and still have not tried it. I like the colors you picked. Modern yet classic

  8. LOVE that bag...the fabric is gorgeous! Where did you find it?

    Do you have a good pattern recommendation for a simple zippered pouch?

  9. Love this bag! The fabrics are very similar to what I want to use when we re-do our master BR this fall/winter.

  10. Gonna have to get that pattern; love it! You made a beautiful purse!

    I mostly get sewing done after my three year old goes to bed and on the weekends. Occationally I'll have about 45 minutes after work before I pick her up from preschool where I can squeeze in a little sewing too!

  11. Mary, Great job....I have made that purse twice and sold both bags in my etsy store. Common questions is 'can you make this into a shoulder bag'....if you figure it out do a tutorial.

  12. Fabulous bag! I love this bag too, it's very classy. I'd like to try it with velvet at the top. I sew whenever I can fit it in, which is crazy because it can be 7PM or 1AM!

  13. really great bag! looks like a fun pattern to have in your collection!

  14. I really LOVE this bag, those fab combos are great!


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