Thursday, September 9, 2010

First day of preschool!

Lauren's first day of preschool

Lauren had her first day of preschool yesterday. She was so excited! I think we managed to get all of the obligatory "first day" photos.

Lauren & Me - first day of preschool!

Mr. PinSewPress is even going to make an appearance here . . .

Lauren and Mr. PinSewPress - first day of preschool!

I love my girl!


I think she's going to have a great school year.

Happy sewing!


  1. Oh what a cutie-bug! Pre-school too - she'll have so much fun! I love all the stuff they do and learn at school each day at this age - really makes me "see" the world through my daughters eyes. Things I wouldn't have thought about. Like this week at school they are doing the five much fun and it's something that never would have crossed my mind to discuss at this age. I'm sure you'll all have fun with it!

  2. She is adorable, Mary! What a cutie! I love the first and last pictures of Lauren. too cute!

  3. She is precious! I can tell she also has quite a personality.

  4. What a sweetie!! I hope she had a great time!

  5. Soooooooooo cute! What a smiley little preschooler you have!

  6. Awww! She is such a cutie! She looks so excited! Hope everything went smoothly! I love her backpack :)

  7. She is adorable! I hope she enjoyed her first day!

  8. Lauren is looking more and more like a little blonde version of you each day. I love it!!!!

  9. Hi again. That short comment of yours made me heart skippety skip happy! Thanks for your encouragement. I am going to just throw myself in there. Right now (as the house is completely quiet, 7am... soon comes the family bunch rumbling down the stairs screaming for Saturday pancake breakfast. Cheerio! Happy happy day!

  10. Lauren is absolutely adorable all packed and ready for preschool with her Hello Kitty tote! That top photo of her is precious.

  11. LOVE your shirt in the picture of you and your daughter (brand?). And she is so darn adorable!


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