Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Doll Quilt Swap - Received!

Look at what Jessica made for me!

| Front |

| Back (in gorgeous Tanya Whelan Fabric from the Dolce collection!) |

| Pretty hand-quilted bird detail on front |

| And the same detail on the back |

| Plus some extras . . . additional fabric from the quilt back AND a hand made card! |

Thanks so much Jessica! This is hanging in my sewing room where I can see it every day!

Happy sewing,


  1. That teal print is really cool! Looks like a fun swap!

  2. Hi Mary - the Sweet Harmony Bag is one handle that splits at the bottom. I've gotten used to it now; but at first, I found it hard to dig into the purse with the handle not out of the way.

  3. Very creative! Love the little embroidered bird. You lucked out in your swap :)

  4. A beautiful quilt - the front and back are equally as lovely!


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