Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Are you ready . . .

for Amy Butler Sew & Tell day this Friday? I'm on my way!

The husband (who spoils me!) talked me into buying this FABULOUS book last week and there are SO many great bags I'd like to make!

The Cosmo Bag, Style Stitches

Origami Bags, Style Stitches

Blossom Handbag, Style Stitches

Miss Maven Ruffled Handbag, Style Stitches

Seriously, you have to check out this book next time you're at the book store. So.many.awesome.bags. Sigh . . . :-)

For the Amy Butler Sew & Tell challenge I've decided on the Miss Maven handbag - in Amy Butler fabric of course! It's such a cute bag and totally unlike anything else I've made or own. Lauren took a crazy long nap today (3 1/2 hours . . . unheard of!) and I spent the entire time cutting out fabric and interfacing. Phew! Am I rediculously slow or what? I thought I'd start sewing after she went to bed tonight, but I have to admit that after that marathon cutting session I needed a break for the night.

Are you joining in the Amy Butler sewing challenge? I can't wait to see what everyone makes!

Happy sewing,


  1. Ooh! Can't wait to see it. That's the one i would have picked too. I hope my project is ready :)

  2. that'll be so cool, love that book, of course all her stuff is super awesome!

  3. If you make that Blossom bag, I will buy it!

  4. I was at Barnes and noble the other day and was just in awe as I went through the book. I love it!
    I am saving to get it.

  5. I flipped through that book the other day at the bookstore and loved it! I really like the cosmo bag, but maybe not quite so big. I can't wait to see the bag you make. I had no idea about the Amy Butler sew and tell so I'll have to see if I can whip up something on Thursday.

  6. a husband who supports your sewing habit??? wow. i'm kinda jealous! sounds like a really cool guy :)

    looking forward to seeing your Miss Maven bag!

  7. They all look fabulous! Can't wait to see your bag!

  8. It is a good book! I'm going to make the Cosmo bag next! Looking forward to seeing what you make and which fabrics you choose!

    After seeing that black and white bag you make I had to go buy the pattern!!

  9. Lovely book! I can't wait to see what you make with it!

  10. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to check it out.

  11. I can't wait to see the finished bag! I just love that one! I'll have to look for the book next time I'm out.

  12. Hi Mary!
    I'm making the Teardrop bag. Can't wait to see yours!!

  13. Fun! I have gone through it, and my mom bought it. I definitely have plans to borrow her copy. ;0p I am making a barcelona skirt for the sew and tell!


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