Friday, February 26, 2010

Turning Twenty-Nine

I'm turning 29 today.
(For the first time, I promise!)

I sewed myself a little something for my birthday.
This is the Quilted Bible Cover by Amy @ Park City Girl.  (Free tutorial here)
I've been meaning to make this for a while - 
my Bible was looking a little worn and needed some dressing up!

My mom (who also loves sewing!) spoiled me with a trip to the local quilt shop.
Hooray for new fabric! Thanks mom!

(Bonnie & Camille - Cotton Blossoms)

She also made me this awesome Heather Bailey pincushion (based on this tutorial)

(Top and bottom shown)

I love that flower button!

And then she further spoiled me with a new ironing board.
I'm soooo excited!
Never thought I'd say that, but my old one was about 10 years old, the cheap one we bought when I was heading off to college, and it was really sad looking.
I didn't care much (and didn't iron much!) until I got into sewing 6 months ago.
But now that I spend a significant amount of time ironing (oops, I meant pressing)
it's really, really nice to have a new one!

Well, it's my birthday so I think it's time to log off now.  
I'm linking up to Sew & Tell Friday over at amylouwho.  Better late than never!

Have a great weekend!


  1. so beautiful! happy bday! Love your Bible cover, I've been meaning to make one of those. 29 is a good year! gets better every year I turn it :)

  2. happy birthday !!! what a nice mom to take you shopping for all these wonderful fabrics. the cover for your bible is very pretty.

  3. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a great one. I have been looking for a bible cover, and yours looks just perfect! I think that might go on my to-do list.

  4. Great finishes. You can never have enough pin cushions.

  5. Happy Birthday! It's funny to be so happy about a new ironing board, but I would feel the same way!

  6. Many Happy Returns of the Day! I'm 29 too, at least once, sometimes twice and occasionally I'm stuck there! Enjoy!

    I love the Bible cover. Sew happy and peaceful! The pin cushions, fabric and ironing board would make me happy too!

    Sweetest Friday Finish!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Gorgeous Bible Cover :)

  8. Great idea--Bible cover. I might need to make one. Looks as if you have had a lovely birthday--hope they just keep getting better (mine did).

  9. That Bible cover turned out really beautifully. Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy birthday! I love your Bible cover and have a friend who would love it too so I'm going to check out the tutorial. Thanks for the link!

  11. Lovely Bible Cover and the pin cushions are so cute!!

  12. What a beautiful Bible cover. :o)
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  13. Happy birthday! I love the bible cover!!! I love that print in every color!

  14. You have such a fun blog! I have been going through and just love you fabric/color choices!

  15. Love your cover Mary! Enjoy that new ironing board :)

  16. Love the bible cover ... fun post to read! Happy birthday!!

  17. I just discovered your blog! lovely!! so, a belated happy birthday to you - love the pincushions your Mum made for you and I checked out the Lickety Split bag - wow - fantastic:-)

    Happy Sewing!
    from a new follower "downunder"

  18. Happy Birthday. Your finish is beautiful. Aren't moms the greatest thing on earth! They know just what we need to make us happy.

  19. Happy belated birthday. I made one of those pin cushions for my mom once. It's a great tutorial. Thanks for reminding me of it!

  20. I love, love, love that bible cover! Thanks for the link to make one. I'm not a quilter, but maybe I can try to make it anyways.

    Happy belated birthday too!


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