Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Lickety Split Bag

I have to be honest with you. When I first saw the Lickety Split Bag by Made by Rae, it wasn't love at first sight. Don't get me wrong - I love her designs! I love her blog! I'm a huge fan of the Buttercup Bag.

But the Lickety Split Bag just didn't do it for me.

Until I saw this. Rae donated this bag to the Crafthope for Haiti Etsy shop, and I absolutely fell in love with it. Unfortunately I couldn't afford to buy it, but I knew I absolutely had to make one for myself!

This is what I made:

Because this bag is big (it requires one yard of fabric for the front and another yard for the reverse side) it's perfect for showing off fabric that you LOVE. This gorgeous fabric really caught my eye last time I made the pilgrimage to only shop within 90 minutes of my house that carries designer fabric. (But I'll whine about that some other time.) It's Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey and it is so perfect for spring! You really must see this line in person. Very, very pretty.

Because this bag is reversible, I get to show off MORE gorgeous fabric! (Nicey Jane again.)

I used Rae's Pleated Pocket Tutorial, which adds a really nice touch.

Did I mention that the Lickety Split Bag has NO interfacing?!?! I've never made a bag without interfacing, and I admit I had a really hard time not using any. It felt wrong, like wearing boots without socks or clothes without underwear . . . but after agonizing for a bit I just went with it and sewed the interior and exterior together with nothing in between!!! Now that's living on the edge, I tell you. The result is a very flexible bag, but I think once I fill it with the contents of my purse it will fill out just fine.

Now that I have a pretty spring bag, can I just have some warm weather? Please?


  1. Beautiful! I agree...come on spring!!

  2. really pretty, I've been wondering if I should try the lickety split bag, yours is gorgeous!

  3. Hi Mary! This bag looks great! I just bought my first sewing machine and I hoping to learn how to use it soon...esp. on projects like this. Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you enjoy the casserole.

  4. I too felt weird about not using interfacing when I started to make this bag. I ended up using fusible fleece for the outer fabric and interfacing for the lining (big mistake on the lining) and it took way too long! Love the fabrics you chose. . . can't wait to make something with the Nicey Jane prints I got.


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